Celebrate: New Year

2016 was overall a rollercoaster. We saw many interesting and unexpected events occur, many talented voices and beings leave our world behind, and having the feeling of wondering if things would actually get better.

I try to look at this past year as 365 days of growth. Besides the massive upsets this year has brought us globally, we all have something we can look back on and know that it affected us in a positive way. That is why we must look at 2017 with a positive mind and open arms. As long as we try to create positivity and happiness in our own lives, we can try to spread it to the world around us. Try to spread more kindness and love than negativity and sadness. Remember that a positive mind brings a positive life.

So here’s to you, 2016, for bringing us a year that we must reflect on and learn from so we can make 2017 better for ourselves and others.

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