Life: Be A Pineapple

Misery loves company. Oh, this saying. It’s a sad, but true, statement that’s been used for years and years. The negativity can come from within or outside sources. So why has it not gotten easier to not engage, or disengage, from the negativity that’s coming your way?

I think it’s safe to say that ‘misery loves company’ can go hand-in-hand with something else I hear pretty often: high school never ends. That’s right. You can probably break down any and every workspace, gym class, or other major group activities that meet often and have the same group of people into the categories you remember, know, and probably aren’t totally in love with from those four wonderful (or not so great) years. While I know that schools systems are set up differently in other countries, those years of awkwardness and changing are shared by everyone. I remember in my experience that I got pulled into negativity and had a miserable attitude because of self-doubt brought on by myself, or by the people I surrounded myself with. I wasn’t confident in who I was as a person, so I let the negativity around me bring me down to a place that it was easier for me to be miserable than to ignore the self-doubt and be happy.

So how did I deal with the misery then, and what do I do now? The same thing I did back then has stuck with me through the years. I have my little mantra that I’ve written down, typed, spoken out loud and repeated in my head over and over: May I be positive, and bring positivity to the world. It’s not long, profound or life-changing, but it helps me everyday in little and larger circumstances. Finding a phrase that keeps you grounded and sturdy in yourself helps in these situations, especially when the outside forces start to affect how you feel about yourself. There can be one person who knows that they can get to you, so find a phrase or mantra or saying that helps you stay calm and disengage from the situation. I know, it’s easier said than done, but it does help. Even if it only keeps you calm for five minutes, just keep repeating. I’ve noticed that I get lost sometimes in my phrase and I end up forgetting why I said it in the first place.

So when the darkness starts setting in and the negative thoughts start flowing (or the outside forces start trying to pull you down) just start to remember why you’re happy. Make a list of what brings you happiness, or start repeating your mantra in your head or write it down. It’s better to start keeping yourself positive before you realize how sad and down you can become. Just remember:


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