Celebrate: He’s My Lobster

If you came up to me on this day two years ago and told me I was about to go on a first date with the man I that would be my other half I would have laughed at you and said, “there’s no way!”. But then I would have been wrong. Even though I was a total mess (I just got off a plane from Boston to fly back to London), this 29-year-old Spaniard saw something in me that made him want to ask me out again. It may have been the fact that we had the same love for Friends (his favorite character is Ross, mine’s Rachel), or that we like a lot (and I mean A LOT) of the same things. Two years later and we’re still learning a lot of things about each other, seeking new adventures, and looking forward to all of the years we have ahead of us, because we’ll be together.


Relationships teach you a lot about yourself. You are able to see yourself from another perspective because your partner is able to tell you. You see how you can handle hard situations as an individual, as well as with someone. There have been moments, like in all relationships, where I needed someone to lean on. I needed support and comforting, whether I was going through something that only affected me, or something that affected both of us. I was able to turn to my partner and say, “I need you”, and he was there. Not everyday is filled with sunshine and roses, but we always find a way to turn those dark times into learning experiences. Whether it was a small disagreement or something that took longer to discuss and argue about, we try to always see what we can learn and take away from it.

So thanks to you, my lobster, for being by my side, even when I’m being stubborn and saying I get grab the suitcase off of the top of the wardrobe, or when I still mistakenly call Boba Fett, ‘Bubba Fat’. Thank you for helping me learn Spanish and laughing at me when I ask for a mirror instead of a sponge. Thank you for sharing your love of video games, Star Wars, and anime. Thank you for teaching me about Mike Oldfield, John Williams, and agreeing that there was enough room on that door for Jack and Rose to both live happily ever after. Thank you for loving me for who I am, quirky habits and all. You’ll always be my lobster, and I’ll always be your shrimp. I love you.


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