Life: In With The Good

Yesterday was Blue Monday. Yes, the most depressing day has come and gone, but it’s given me reason to reflect on the negativity that can build within ourselves and can be increased by the negativity that surrounds us on a daily basis. 

I try to live a peaceful life. I start everyday with trying to be mindful and meditate and reflect on all of the positives in my life. It’s pretty easy to stay positive, happy and mindful when you’re able to focus on yourself because you’re alone with your thoughts. However, as the day progresses, it becomes difficult to stay in the positive. This is one of my daily obstacles. Trying to stay positive when forces want to bring you down can be hard. Sometimes I am able to rise above it all, other times I sink and succumb to the negativity. The most important thing to remember is that the only person that can change your negatives to positives is you.

So bring on the positive vibes today to yourself and those around you. Try to remember that you went into this day with a positive attitude and you deserve to end your day the same way. 

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