Life: You Know What They Say About Karma…

I truly love and believe in the philosophy of karma. That’s why I find it extremely important to bring positivity to the people around you and to yourself. However, being positive all of the time is an uphill battle that we can’t always win. Here’s the thing: some people at least try to be positive, others would rather live a life full of negativity. It can be easier to be negative and down. The negative vibes can spread like fog over a beautiful, open field. But like fog, the negativity will (hopefully) go away as the sun shines down and brings light and happiness.

Trust me, I know it’s easier said than done. We all fall prey to getting on the negative level. We’ve all wanted to retaliate. We’ve all probably retaliated at one point, or at multiple points in our lives. But sinking to that level only brings on bad karma to yourself. Remember, it will always come back around, good or bad, so try to stay on the good side.

In these circumstances, it’s up to you to be the sunshine. Spread your light filled with love and positivity. Being happy on the inside will enhance the beauty around you. Put on some great music, read your favorite book, or sip on your favorite coffee. Do whatever makes you happy so you can be positive and rack up those good karma points. Those who would rather stay in their darkness will end up having it come back to them.

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