Life: Happy Saturdays

Saturdays are like a weekly gift I get excited to open every Friday night. It’s about being able to wake up whenever my body wants to and doing whatever I feel like. The best part about these days is being able to finally do what I’d like to do during the week. So what’s included in my perfect Saturday? Let’s see…

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee at a café
  • Go for a walk in the park
  • Watch a movie I’ve never seen before
  • Read my book
  • Clean around my home
  • Reorganize my closet
  • Spend time with loved ones (my boyfriend, my family via FaceTime, and my friends)
  • Try cooking something new
  • Go to a new exhibition at a museum
  • Explore my neighborhood
  • Practice yoga
  • Exercise
  • Come up with some healthy dinner ideas for the week ahead
  • Play video games with my boyfriend (he loves his PS4, so I try to enjoy it too!)

These are just a few of my favorite things to do on Saturdays. It may not always be filled with many adventurous plans, but it’s at least a day to regroup and enjoy the peacefulness of not having to rush.

Enjoy your Saturday, no matter what you’re doing!

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