Go Ask Alice

Tuesday morning after the long Easter/bank holiday weekend is always a bit sad. What’s worse is having to remember how to function in normal society after pretending you’re a bohemian traveler without a care in the world. Well chickadees, it’s time to head back into the office, but I’m not ready to give up this whimsical attitude of mine just yet.

I know I haven’t made it clear yet, so I’m going to seize this opportunity to tell you something. I am a proud Disney fanatic. If I could, I would move right into that castle in Orlando and sing and dance all day long. I have a lot of favorite characters, which I’ve split into categories, but one that always seems to stand out is Alice. There are many reasons I feel like I connect with the character, and it’s not just because the baristas as Starbucks always write “Alice” on my cup instead of “Alex”. One thing I didn’t realize that made us similar is that I try to come up with as many crazy questions in a day as possible (I’m pretty sure I think of six before breakfast, but I wanted to make it a little broader). I don’t mind that some of my colleagues think I’m ridiculous when I say these questions out loud because I know it keeps me happy and light and full of fun. So here’s to Alice being a bit of inspiration for me today, and most days, so I can make it through the work week with a smile on my face.

See! I’ve always thought of myself as Alice

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