Just Around The Riverbend

Another week is almost over, and I’m so excited for yet another long weekend. It’s been crazy around here, which I feel like I should be used to, but there always seems to be a new way to make it seem as nutty as a bag of almonds. 

During these times of wanting to bang my head against the wall, I always try to figure out if my life would be better if it was smoother and without so many crazy moments. But then I start to think how boring my life would be without them. I mean, I don’t need ALL of the crazy times, but just enough fun ones to keep things interesting. I’m not the kind of person who is into a lot of drama, or any drama in fact because I hate confrontation and having problems with people. I do, however, enjoy interesting moments with fascinating people. So, like Pocahontas, I don’t choose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum. I choose a mix of both rivers, because there needs to be a balance, and because I’m always curious as to what’s around the riverbend. 

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