Holy sh*t it’s May

Oh shit. How did almost half of the year go by already!?!?! It’s amazing how fast time can fly by, and I pretty much always have the same reaction. You know, I’m one of those people who always think I’m going to accomplish so much by the time that something something happens. But when that date rolls around I have my “oh shit” moment and then move on. That’s how I like to roll, like water off a duck’s back (thanks Jinx Monsoon for teaching me this wonderful saying).

Jinkx Monsoon / © Giphy

So yes, it’s finally May. It’s time for all of the lovely flowers to bloom, the new woodland creatures to try their hand at walking, and for me to get my closet in order. The problem with London weather is that it stays like winter until about this time, or even later. So I never know whether I need to pull out a dress I would love to frolic through the park in or if I need to dress like I’m in Antarctica about to hang out with some penguins. However, I’ve made the decision to retire the wool and velvet attire to the suitcases in my apartment and dust off my bright, happy clothes that I’ve been waiting to wear since I packed them away in October.

So what do I want to accomplish in May? I have no idea! I look at every day as a new challenge and a new day to make myself a better person. Every opportunity that arises is a way for me to become just better in general. So that’s what I want to keep doing. I want to keep bettering myself so I’m a happier person. It may also help me keep my shit together. I mean, it could happen one day. I also want to read more this month. April was my month of reading as I finished two books and started my third. However, I’d like to read three in May. Also, I want to keep (attempt) to be more organized. I’m very good at work, I’ve even been complimented on how well I keep my space. So, I’d like to bring that part of me into my home instead of leaving it at work. I’m going to be looking at some DIY projects that could help with my organizational problems at home, so you may see some of them here!

So here’s to spring (and almost summer) because I’m getting very impatient for good weather!

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Me and my little nugget Otto

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