Gone With The Wind Fabulous

Now I have to admit that I am a creature of habit. Like if there’s cheese in my house, it won’t be there for long, or if I’m going to iron, I’ll probably throw on some old Disney cartoons to make the time pass. But, the biggest habit I’ve kept over the past 10 years is that whenever I need to feel more confident or stronger, I watch “Gone With The Wind”. Why? Because Scarlett O’Hara is an incredibly fierce character.

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I get it, she can be a bit ridiculous at times (or really ridiculous most of the time), but the film follows her growth over a long period of time. I think the biggest thing I learn from her character is that you can achieve and survive anything as long as you never give up. Think about it: she wanted to go back to Tara and fought her entire way there without letting Melanie Hamilton and new baby Beau die along the way. She also took care of her family and soldiers (even though she didn’t want to feed anymore mouths) when she was back in Tara so they could start their life anew after the Civil War. Yes, her end goal was always to be with Ashley Wilkes, she clearly realizes that not everything you want in life will happen the way you think it should. She became a stronger and more powerful woman in the end because, as she says, “Tomorrow is another day”.

There a lot of other female characters I find to be strong, independent and actually pretty great role models in film.  Make sure to check out my blog post on the 10 female film characters who I find to be total girl bosses.

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