When life gives you lemons…

Right when you think you’ve got things on track, life likes to throw a couple of curve balls your way to see how you handle it. But I think that’s what life is about when it gets too comfortable and content, it can get boring and make you start to feel like all of your days blur into one. So how do you react to the change: do you embrace it with open arms or do you cower and go into denial for a while until it just becomes inevitable?

Up until recently I’ve enjoyed living in London. So many amazing things have happened to me here that I will cherish forever. However, due to personal events that have occurred in the past couple of months, I’ll be moving back to the U.S. at the end of August. I will miss everything That I leave behind here, but I take all of my memories, lessons and experiences with me. The boyfriend and I will start fresh in the States and see what other lemons fall from the trees. Who knows where we’ll end up in the end.

So when life throws lemons my way, I’ve learned to embrace it because there’s no point in avoiding change. Yes it’s scary, yes it can be emotional, but it usually means there are new opportunities and a chance to evolve and start something new. So I’m fully ready to start making my changes and packing up our life here to start a new one, and I can’t wait to share all of the new, crazy things we’ll experience together. Like I say, life is pretty messy, but it gives you amazing stories to tell in the end.

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