5 ways I jumpstarted my fitness

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Here’s something fun for all lazy ladies to talk about: fitness! Sometimes I am just not motivated to go to the gym after work on or on the weekend when I can finally sleep. However, being healthy and keeping yourself in a good state is extremely important, and has been a big part of taking some of the mess out of my life. So I thought I’d share some of the ways I motivate myself to keep moving and get my fitness in check.

1. Find a buddy

I have two amazing buddies when it comes to being healthy. One is my amazing friend who goes to classes with me, the other is my boyfriend who convinced me to get a Fitbit. Now if you don’t believe in the buddy system that’s okay, but learned that it’s a pretty big part of me staying motivated. Also, I love that I can pretend I’m Lars from Heavyweights and scream “BUDDY” at the top of my lungs and then laugh my ass off.

2. Find an app that helps you move

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m obsessed with my Fitbit. I got the Fitbit Alta HR a month ago and I can’t stop checking my status. My boyfriend and I have connected on the app and use it to motivate each other as a way of “friendly competition”. However, fun fact about me and the wonderful family I’m a part of, we are all highly competitive. Friendly competition is not a phrase we use often. Safe to say someone will eventually start crying while playing Monopoly because they didn’t get to Boardwalk in time. Anyway, the familia deserves a post (or 20) devoted to itself, so I’ll touch on those crazies that I love some other day. The app is amazing and you’re able to track everything in one place. You can also connect the workout app, Fitstar, which has great plans and trainers you can choose from.

3. Pack up your stuff so you guilt yourself into going to the gym

I make it a point to say at work to my colleagues, “I’m going to the gym after this”. That way I can’t just go and sit at Starbucks and grab a coffee and chill. I have my backpack with me and all of my gear inside so I pretty much have to go. It’s actually a great motivater because there’s no point in carrying my stuff to work if I’m not going to use it. Apparently guilt works for me.

4. Check out classes and see what’s right for you

Just like you couldn’t major in. Everything in college, you’re not going to enjoy every class a gym or app offers. You need to find the right groove for you or you’ll just dread having to work out. The best thing is to try a full range of classes. For instance, I found that I enjoy both Zumba and spin classes, even though I thought boxing would be my all-time favorite class to do. Try things out for a couple of weeks until you find the classes that make you want to go to the gym.

5. Have fun and don’t beat yourself up about it

My final point may be the most important one on the list.  The reasons why you want to work out should be because you want to be a healthier version of yourself. I used to get super down and give up if I missed a class or didn’t lose five pounds in a week. First of all, the healthy amount of weight you can lose in a week is between one and two and a half pounds. So don’t set crazy goals for yourself because you could end up hurting yourself in the end. Just have fun! Go outside, take a walk, and don’t get down if you end up having some ice cream or pizza. Enjoy life! We all have our lazy days, and trust me, mine come out in full force. So just remember it’s okay to have those days and to indulge. None of us are perfect creatures and we’re all just trying to figure things out. I’m still trying to motivate myself every day to get up and get active so I can feel better about my life. This post is one way I’m staying motivated so I can look back when I am in a lazy state and know that I have these tools to jumpstart my fitness.


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