Save your drama

Warning: venting session ahead!

Drama. The five-letter word that so many great movies and television series thrive on. However, it may look great on your screen, but getting involved SUCKS. There are different kinds of drama that range from pretty hilarious to totally unnecessary. Let’s explore!

The Pretty Hilarious Drama Scenario:

So this is what I like to say plays out in a sitcom. So you move into a new apartment and it turns out your new roommate is pretty much your complete opposite. Funny things happen, little drama is sprinkled in and here you have a funny show that people will tune in to watch every Thursday night until it gets canceled after three seasons. This is the kind of drama that is funny for all ages, but it can become dangerous if it doesn’t get diffused after some time. You never want the drama to blow up over something stupid.

The Drama You Hate To Be In But Love To Watch:

This is what reality television is based off of. If there wasn’t some amount of drama from one girl slept with another girl’s boyfriend, or the group of partiers wake up the “sleeping beauties” that decided not to go out (thank you Bad Girls Club, I’ll miss you), then it would literally be the same shit, different day. But this drama gets you hooked. You can be the girl that’s says “Oh, I hate drama”, but you know you really mean “Oh I hate drama only when it includes me”. I’m definitely this person. I blame the media, but I really can’t turn away when I see a drunk couple yelling on the street because the guy bought her the wrong shot (I wish I could say this never happened). So honestly, some drama is ridiculous, but funny and if you deny that then you’re lying.

The Atomic Bomb Drama You May Not Be Able To Fix:

This is the serious drama no one wants to be a part of because you could lose everything in the process. It could be your career, family, reputation, etc. You name it, you could lose it. There’s really no need in this world for drama that could make you regret something you said or did to make the person on the other side so upset they don’t want you around anymore. This kind makes me sad because I’ve seen it happen so many times. Unlike movies and television, not everyone makes up at the end with five minutes left until the ending credits. Some decide that it’s impossible to get back to where they were. It’s really not worth it.

So drama. Why is it around and why is it such a bitch? I used to think it was for entertainment purposes, but now as I’ve gotten older I find that there’s really no purpose for it at all. Why would I want to watch these people fighting over something petty? Why do people need to cause such an uproar they almost lose everyone they love and cherish? I wish that drama didn’t exist, but unfortunately it does. However, I deal with drama in a few different ways, which I hope can help anyone who isn’t able to deal with it well or at all:

Breathe and know it will pass

Trust me I know, it’s easier said than done. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a great first place to start when unable to deal with the drama. Find you happy place, zen out, throw on some tunes and just breathe. It’ll all pass eventually. Yes, some instances are easier to get through than others, but you’ll always continue to breathe.

Write it all down

Notice how I said write and not type. You could do either, but typing can sometimes make you dig a bigger ditch than you wish to have. I suggest writing because you’re able to physically put everything you’re feeling on to paper, and you can toss it out when you finish. There’s not risk of sending the angry email or writing a Facebook status about it. Don’t add more fuel to the fire even if it’s not your fault or has anything to do with you.

Doing nothing is doing something

My mom loves to say this to me because my first instinct is to solve the problem right away so I don’t have to deal with it longer than necessary. Sometimes though, you can’t solve it right away. Patience is truly a virtue and I’m trying to be more patient every day. Sometimes not doing anything and letting the other person calm down or figure things out is better than constantly berating them about how you can fix things. Or, sometimes it’s better not to react or engage with people who are trying to cause drama. If they’re just trying to get under your skin, doing nothing will actually get you under theirs without them even realizing.

Talk it out and be honest

Use those words of yours and talk to someone. Make sure it is someone you can trust because you don’t want your crap all over town. Vocalizing your thoughts can help you reach a solution or a compromise with the person you’re having drama with. Honestly, it’s better just to get everything off your chest the first time and not let problems build up over time. You don’t want to be the volcano that erupts and destroys everything in their path. Being honest with the person is 100% necessary, especially if you want to see change or any solution between you both or all. This doesn’t mean being brutally honest is the way to go. You should know the sensitivity level of the person you’re dealing with because they clearly mean a lot to you if you’re trying to fix things. Don’t sugar coat anything either because that won’t solve anything either. Find the happy middle and get talking. Hopefully, you can resolve everything with the work and effort of being honest and actively listening.

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