Apple Blondies & Weekend Warriors

Earlier this week, the boyfriend and I decided it would be fun to try the Weekend Warrior challenge on Fitbit. I think I was a bit more excited because when I figured out he had gotten up earlier than me yesterday morning, I jumped right up and started walking around. I just kept trying to get as many steps as possible, which was super fun, even though I was out in the rain for probably too long. Here come the sneezes and runny nose! It’s great to have a buddy when working out, especially when it’s your other half.

The competition ended up making us pretty hungry and Felix requested a dessert made with apples. So I pulled up the Pinterest app and told him to start looking! He found Annie’s Noms Apple Blondies! I’m so happy he chose this one because they looked so delicious and I couldn’t wait to try them out. I think mine came out pretty well, and I will definitely be making these again. Plus, they were only 141 calories per 1 square! (This is after I put the recipe into MyFitnessPal. I also substituted coconut sugar for the light brown sugar).

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I actually made these! Must try!

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