Pet peeves and shady ladies

I have to admit something: people have really been getting under my skin lately. I try to not let it show, but sometimes it just slips out and my resting bitch face turns into an active bitch face. However, in a new development, it turns out it’s better when the face is actually accompanied by what you’re thinking and feeling on the inside. Who would have thought sharing your feelings and opinions could help a situation rather than keeping it bottled up?!

Now I hope my sarcasm has come through clearly in the last few lines because my biggest pet peeve is passive-aggressive behavior. I don’t understand how people can throw so much shade behind others’ backs but act so nicely to their faces. I can honestly say that the snake emoji has never had a more proper use than when it comes to these people. I live by the idea that if I can’t say something to your face then I shouldn’t say it at all. Being shady isn’t cool and doesn’t make you look great. It makes people question who you are and if you’re a good friend or not. No one wants to be around the person who could just open the vault and let everything out. But passive-aggressive people just rub me the wrong way. If you have a problem, say it. Don’t keep it to yourself until it explodes and something terrible could come out of it.

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Now one of my favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race lines is “Don’t be shady, be a lady”, and I think that it pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say here. Shady business can isolate a person in the end, and who wants to be alone because they’ve alienated so many people? I know I’ve been passive-aggressive and shady before, but it just gets so tiring talking about the same crap and noting getting things off my chest and instead letting it stew and grow into an angry monster I can’t get rid of. If only people were more honest about their thoughts and feelings. I know others can say that it’s too vulnerable or it makes you look weak for speaking your mind and sharing how you feel, but I’d rather do that than come off as fake because of the crap I talk about people when they’re not around.

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