4 Ways To Relax After A Crazy Work Week

We’ve all been there: work has been nuts and you can’t believe you still have your sanity intact when it gets to 5pm on Friday. You’ve been staring at the clock for the last five minutes, listening to anything that could possibly drown out the groans and moans of the other employees around you who are in the same boat. Your G-chat is blowing up because you team chatbox is going crazy. Finally, the clock gives you the sign you’ve been waiting for and you slam your Macbook shut and walk out the door. Now, it’s time for you to finally relax, but the week has been so crazy you can’t seem to let go of all of the tension! So what can you do to relax?

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First thing’s first, my brain doesn’t stop unless I’m absolutely exhausted. I pretty much have to force myself into relaxation mode. I’ve found a few things that work for me to slow down and get rid of the chaos that’s built up since Monday.

1. Time to zen out

Meditation and yoga and incredible ways of getting rid of the energy that you’ve been storing. Whether you have ten minutes to get your head right or want to stretch it out for 90 minutes in a hot room, you can find what’s best for you. I enjoy havin a led meditation so I use Headspace to help me relax for ten minutes.

2. Get reading

I love reading. I love being able to escape into other worlds and stories. It also helps me calm down and relax after a tough work week. Find a genre you’re really interested in that doesn’t relate to what you do all day long. You can also take up a reading challenge to get you started.

3. Get out and have fun

Whenever I come home from a long week of God knows what, my boyfriend always tries to take my mind off of it by distracting me with something to do. It can either be going to the movies, staying home and playing a game, or just starting a dance party in our kitchen. No matter what it is, having fun can always help. Find a hobby you enjoy doing and use it as your relaxation time. You won’t even realize the hours that can go by and how much calmer you feel after doing something fun.

4. Venting session

Now I’ve left this one as the last point for a reason. Venting can be great, but it can also build up your feelings and keep you in a state of crazy. However, if you have the right venting partner or partners, it can be a great way to let it all go. Sometimes talking is the best thing to do so the drama doesn’t build.

Well, today is Friday and it has been a long and crazy one. I’m so excited to finally have the weekend approaching and to be able to relax and have some fun!

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