Monday Moments: September 25th

Looks like another week has flown by! Last week I was on it, if I can say so myself, with a lot of things needing to be done. I got back from Spain on Tuesday and then heading to New York Friday night, which honestly is a lot of travel for this lady. But I have to admit, I enjoy traveling a lot. However, I finally have a few days to recover before heading to Miami on Thursday! I’m so excited to document this trip and share it with you all. A lot of exciting and new experiences ahead.

Let’s check out last week’s goals and see how I did:

 Finish my book on my Kindle before starting any other books

I finally did it! I finished this damn book, which I did really enjoy, but I finally sat down and finished it. I have to thank the fact that I ended up having more free time on Friday than I thought I would to get through the last few chapters, but I feel so accomplished that I did what I set out to do. Look out for this book in October’s Reading Recommendations coming at you next week!

Work on my time management skills

Time management is something I believe I’ve gotten a lot better at with a lot of practice. Like they say (or someone said once), practice makes perfect. If you haven’t checked out the post I put together on the 10 time management skills I think work best, click here!

Take at least three photos a day

This one was easy thanks to all of the traveling I’ve been doing. However, I think this is something I need to keep pushing, especially during the weeks when I don’t stop and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful places I’m fortunate to visit. I think I’ll need to add this one to this week’s goals.

Start thinking about October (and Halloween!)

I’m so excited that Autumn is officially here! I have to say that I’m a huge fan of the fashion, the colors and the crispness of the breeze and temperature each day brings. Also, it’s socially acceptable for me to drink hot coffee again in the middle of the day without sweating my whole face off. I do love an iced coffee, but there’s something about enjoying a hot cup of joe in a sweater that I love.

So what’s the plan for this week? Well, let’s see here:

  • Live in the moment
  • Take more photos!
  • Get off my phone more and enjoy what’s going on
  • Pack in advance (get ready for a fun post about this!)
  • Try not to freak out if things don’t go according to plan (something is coming your way about this, too!)

What about you guys? Any big or small goals for the week? Let me know!

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