Monday Moments: October 9th

Hey everyone, happy Monday! I hope you’re all off to a great start, or have had a wonderful day so far if you’re farther along in your day already (shoutout to my friends in London!). It’s raining in Rhode Island today, which means I am hanging out at my kitchen table, drinking my coffee and playing with my dad’s dog, Oscar. He’s honestly a little gem that I can’t get enough of. I said last week that I couldn’t wait until I didn’t have to travel anywhere, and it’s finally happening! Sitting here now is making me feel so content with getting to just relax. So, with that said, it’s time to reflect on last week and think of the days ahead.

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Let’s check out last week’s goals to see how I did:

Look ahead, but stay in the moment

This has been a bit of a difficult one for me, but luckily I have a support system who wants to me live in the moment. It was especially challenging when we were discussing future endeavors. However, I got to enjoy Miami by staying in the moment, as well as having fun while being home. I think that living in the moment can be difficult for everyone, but it is definitely something we should all work on doing.

Try to get a better night’s sleep

I have to admit that trying not to stress out about the future has let me have a better night’s sleep! I tried a bunch of different things that I can’t wait to share with you. I found that sleeping better really makes me relax and not feel so anxious throughout my day.

Get ready for my 10-day technology cleanse

Oh, technology. We’re all so obsessed with it. It’s hard to not be with all of the gadgets we have around us. This week I tried not to be on my phone as much, and I found a few tricks to help with that. However, I’m going to try a 10-day cleanse and let you all know how it goes!

Start thinking about Halloween costume ideas!

I really enjoy Halloween because you can dress up as anything you want! I’ve been thinking of a few ideas, but nothing has really stood out. I can’t wait to have something in place.

So what’s the plan for this week? Let’s check it out:

  • Start eating more vegetables; have a more balanced diet
  • Jumpstart my exercise plan since I’ve been a bit lax about it lately
  • Find fun DIY Halloween pumpkin ideas
  • Take five minutes out of my day to reflect

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