My 5 favorite stove top potpourri recipes to make your home smell like fall

I think my obsession with Autumn is starting to show on here as so many of my posts are subjectively about this season. I can’t help it though! It’s my absolute favorite time of year, especially when it comes to flavors and smells. I love walking into my mom’s house and smelling whatever creation she’s concocted on the stove top, which is why I try to emulate it now in my own home. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of my five favorite stove top potpourri recipes to make your home smell like fall.

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Fall Stovetop Potpourri from My Life Lovely

This is definitely one of my new favorites that I’ve already started doing in my house. I love this recipe because of the amazing mix of the apple, orange and cinnamon sticks. It’s also super easy to make with only five ingredients. If you’re looking for something that really captures the scent of a New England fall, this is the one for you.

Citrus Simmering Pot from The Happier Homemaker

I love orange and ginger, so this recipe was clearly going to be on my list. The combination of the two makes my home smell clean, but festive all at the same time. I think the smell of oranges, even though it’s more of a summery fruit, does remind me of the holidays, which is why I’m looking forward to making this one soon.

Alpine Bliss from Life + Storage

This classic mix of cranberries, pine, nutmeg, cinnamon and orange brings out the holiday spirit in anyone who smells it. I’m looking forward to making this as the weather cools down, and the winter starts to roll in. It’ll be one of the perfect scent combinations to celebrate the holidays.

Simmering Potpourri from Smart School House

What happens when you mix apple cider, apples and pumpkin spice? You get the scent of Autumn on your stovetop. Thanks to Smart School House, you can make this season last longer by combining a few different spices all together. Since I pretty much gave up pumpkin spice lattes this yea (check out my favorite alternatives), this is one way I can still enjoy it.

Cinnamon, Pine and Peppermint Stovetop Potpourri from Delia Creates

This amazingly scented stovetop potpourri is perfect for transitioning between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why? Because of the lovely peppermint and pine! The combination of these three ingredients brings out some of my favorite flavors that take me through the holiday season.

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