Monday Moments: New Year, Same Me

Hello everyone! Clearly, it’s been a long, long, LONG time since I wrote anything. What can I say? I’ve been super busy and haven’t really had a moment to reflect on all of the past few weeks, which have been jam-packed with a lot of different emotions.

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So here’s the deal, 2017 had enough ups and downs that I could have turned it into the new, epic roller coaster at most theme parks. I went through more than I think I thought I would in one year, but I’m sure that can be said with most of us out there. I mean, 2017 didn’t seem to be a magical year for most of us. Why would someone have made those amazing “Fuck 2017” glasses if everyone had the best year ever? With that said, I learned a lot from those experiences, and I wouldn’t change them for that reason. You know that life can get hairy, blurry and downright ugly at times, but spinning them around to learn from them makes them, for a lack of a better term, not so shitty.


new year

Now we’re one full week in to the new year, and everyone is now asking two of the questions that always come around now: 1) What New Year’s resolutions did you make?, and 2) Are you sticking to your resolutions? There are two types of people out there, those who makes resolutions and those who don’t. I’ve been both of these people at different times. This year I’ve come to the conclusion that resolutions and I don’t get along. I feel like it’s putting a lot of pressure on myself. I’d rather stick to things and know that it’s okay if I fail from time to time instead of saying in my head, “How did you already screw this up?”.

2018. It’s a new year, but I’m still going to be me. I may try to tweak and change a couple of things during the next 12 months, but it will be because I want to at that moment, and not because I’m putting an immense amount of pressure on that one thing. I’ve already started this year on a happy note, filled with love, friends, family and excitement. So instead of dreading of what this year could bring, I’d rather keep pushing forward with the foundation I’ve created already. So, 2018, let’s do this thing. Let’s make this year one for the books. Let’s be happy and healthy and share our ups and downs. Let’s bring everyone in and know that everything can be learning experience. Let’s learn ourselves that our flaws don’t need to be shed in a negative light. Let’s make this year count.

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