Travel Time: Our 48 Magical Hours in Walt Disney World

Another incredible weekend has come and gone, and this was already my favorite one of the year. Walt Disney World is my favorite place on the planet. Why? It’s happy ALL THE TIME! I adore all of the colors, smells, characters and memories I have of the area. So when I saw that I had an open weekend, I got my sister and decided to go! I could not have been happier with the whole trip, if only we could have stayed longer!

Copy of disney packing
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Our stay at the Disney Beach Club Resort was fantastic. We got a great price on the room and stayed right near Epcot, which is pretty perfect for us. My sister and I love to be near Epcot because of the World Showcase. I wanted to give her a bit of a surprise to have dinner at his favorite place in the Showcase; Tokyo Dining in Japan. If you’re looking for good sushi and a nice view of the fireworks, check it out! We also went on Test Track, which has totally changed for the better since it first opened. The Three Caballeros ride in Mexico is always a plus, and then decorated the interior of the Aztec temple with a ton of ‘Coco’ flair! Honestly, just walking around the World Showcase is a blast because of all of the little experiences.

The next day started early because the best tip I can give you is to go to the Magic Kingdom the second it opens! 8am on the dot is the best time to visit the park, or during extra magic hours. The lines aren’t super long and you don’t have to waste any fastpasses on them. We walked around the park a ton and got on about seven rides before all of the craziness of the crowds started.

After the Magic Kingdom we headed straight for the Animal Kingdom. It was an unreal experience the since Pandora opened last May. We unfortunately couldn’t get on any of the rides since the lines were over two hours long. We’re patient people, but not that patient. We instead just walked around the area and pretended we were a part of the Na’avi. We used our fastpasses for two of the best rides to use them for in the park: Escape Everest and Kilimanjaro Safari. Rock n’ Roller Coaster used to be my favorite roller coaster, until I experienced Escape Everest. If you love a good thrill and want a little more of a drop than you get from Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain, Escape Everest is the best ride for you. We did the Kilimanjaro Safari at night, which was the best choice by far. We actually got to hear and see the male lion roar! It was absolutely amazing.

We were planning on going to Magic Kingdom for the late nights, but we were so tired that we couldn’t make it! Instead we walked over to Epcot from our hotel and enjoyed the fireworks displays. It was the best way to end our little trip to Disney. I honestly can’t wait to be back, especially since I did shed a few tears as we were pulling away.

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