Revisiting Negative Nancy

Good morning and happy Monday all! I can’t believe how quickly the weekend went by. It always makes me sad when a great weekend goes by too fast and then Monday comes along and wakes you up with that alarm noise you’d rather forget existed. Over the weekend, I decided to look back at what blog posts seem to be catching people’s attention, and lately it’s “Dear Negative Nancy”. I wrote this post a little over six months ago when I was reflecting on past friendships, and how my own actions and and attitude can affect the people around me. I thought it was time to revisit the topic, but to focus more on my own behavior when it comes to being negative.

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Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, being optimistic and positive all of the time can be tiring! No one can have a permanent smile on their face 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s pretty much impossible. I used to think that I had to be positive and happy all of the time in order to have people like me, or more importantly, to avoid confrontation. I can’t stand confrontation. It actually shakes me to my core. I know, that sounds dramatic, but trust me, I hate it. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that confrontation and being negative at times isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes things happen to us that we can’t put a positive spin on. But that doesn’t mean we have to bring the world around us down because we’re not feeling good.


Don’t get me wrong, I mean there are those people in your life that you can talk to about what you’re feeling, and I’m learning more and more each day about sharing my emotions, and actually which emotions I’m feeling. It’s not always easy, but sometimes you need to get rid of the negative influences in your life to feel like you’re not miserable anymore.

That’s why in the original post I talked about a past friendship. Sometimes I think about her and what she’s doing, if she’s happy, and if she’s still friends with anyone who I was friends with at the time. People grow over time, some for the better, some for the worse. It’s never fun to lose a friend over arguments, but there are moments when you realize that there are more negatives than positives in your friendship, and you know that it shouldn’t be that way.

So, like the little letter I wrote before, here’s an updated draft:

Dear Negative Nancy,

It’s been awhile. I hope you’re well and have found some sort of happiness within yourself, as well as with others. I wanted you to know that I don’t hate you, hold anything against you, or don’t wish you well. I hope life has brought you lots of happiness, which has helped you see that there is good in this world. I know that there are days that just suck, and on those days and instances, it’s okay to be negative. But I hope that you’ve seen some light on those days where you can’t seem to find anything positive. I hope that you’ve found that there is good in the bad, and that great things can come out of darkness. Thank you for all of the things you’ve taught me though out our friendship and when I reflect upon it. I wish you all of the best.

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