How To Find Time For Blogging

Let’s get real here. I have a crazy life and I sometimes don’t have time to do the things I love. I know, that sucks. Shouldn’t well all make time to do the things we actually enjoy doing? Life gets jam-packed with all sorts of events and situations that we don’t want to be a part of, but we have to if it’s something that has to do with work, friends, or who knows what. MY life has been affected by distractions from my blog recently, which is why I thought I’d compile a list of ways of how I’m finding time to blog because I truly miss it.

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time for blogging

Don’t try to write a novel all at once

I’ve been known to ramble on and on and on in posts, and sometimes I feel like what I want to say is way too much for the time I have to type it all out. That’s probably why I have so many beginnings of posts hanging out in my drafts section. However, it’s great to have them on standby in case I want to come back to them, or feel like it’s time to make them live. Also, a post doesn’t have to be this massive thing that cuts down to the very core. It could literally be about WHATEVER YOU WANT. So, try writing a bit at a time.

Search for inspiration

Sometimes I don’t write something because I’m actually not inspired by it. This is where life gets in the way. I feel like my life goes by so quickly and I don’t feel like it’s ‘blog-worthy’. That sucks majorly because I want to share posts reflecting on what’s happening, which is why this one is currently being written now. When I don’t feel inspired, or can’t think of what I could write about that connects to my life, I do some research. Pinterest is a great place for this, and I have a board filled with blog post ideas. I mean, you could even write a whole post just on blog post ideas! So there are plenty of places to find that writing prompt that’ll help you write that post.

Turn off the tv and write

Now, I am one of those people who get home from work and put on either reality television or ‘The Office’. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the full series about ten times now (is there an award or medal for this?). Thinking about it in this context, I’ve clearly had time to write and chose to do something else. Setting aside 30 minutes to write could totally help with getting the creative juices flowing and actually getting down some great material. Finding these little moments can definitely help with reaching the goal of blogging more.

It doesn’t have to be written down

Voice notes. I know, I hate the sound of my own voice, too. But sometimes you don’t have the option of writing something down. I use voice notes when I’m either running around, on a walk, driving (sorry Mom), or who knows what else because I can’t whip out a pen and paper or start texting it to myself. Also, you can actually remember what you want to blog about because you have the idea! I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about a blog post and then completely forgot about it because I didn’t write it down or record it.

Use those extra minutes

So this morning I found that I had some time to blog because my boyfriend went to the gym. I couldn’t believe how quiet my apartment was. I grabbed my coffee and my laptop and just started typing. When inspiration strikes, you have to take advantage of it. It’s even better when you have the space to actually think about it and can take advantage of the opportunity to get it all down. Sometimes, having my alone time is way more beneficial than I realize, especially when it comes to blogging.

So here’s to a jumpstart on getting back into blogging, and look! I made a blog post out of it :), See? You can literally write about anything that you can connect with. It’s just about finding the time to get it all out there.

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