My 2018 Travel Wish List: Part 2

I wrote back in February my 2018 travel wish list. And even though I still want to make it to all of those places, I keep finding more and more destinations I feel the need to tack on to my massive running list. So why not share it here! There’s no problem dreaming of traveling more and experiencing life in other places. Now insert the drum roll here as I announce my 2018 travel wish list: part two.

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travel part 2

Budapest, Hungary

This city didn’t end up on my list just because of the George Ezra song, even though I do love it. There’s always been something so mesmerizing about Budapest that has always caught my eye. I think it must be a mix of the gorgeous architecture, the rich history, and I’m always up to try new food. Plus, those thermal baths look like all kinds of incredible. So why not add it to the list?

Hong Kong

Now Hong King has been on my list since I saw Kyle Richards and the gang travel there on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. However, I’m not letting their boat fight stop me from noticing how cool the place is. My family was thinking of going there last year, but we had to make a quick change of plans. So I don’t mind adding it to this year’s travel wish list.

Santa Cruz, California

My lovely cousin, Chelsea, lived in Sabra Cruz for a few years, and I’ve really only heard great things about it. I’ve never spent a lot of time in Northern California, but I think this may be a good time to start. My end goal in life is to move to California, so why not take this opportunity to drive around and get to know other areas besides the Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Berlin, Germany

Another one of the places the housewives have visited enters my life. I’ve always wanted to go to Berlin because of how incredibly rich in architecture it is. Thanks to my boyfriend, I’ve become a bit obsessed with architecture, so Berlin is on my list for sure. Also, one of my boyfriend’s friends lives there, which makes it an even more special travel destination for us.

Lima, Peru

Finally! Lima has always been a distant dream of mine, and now I’ve decided to make more of my dreams my reality. Not only is Lima home to some amazing historical landmarks, but it’s apparently a lot of fun! My dad and stepmom visited Peru for their honeymoon and loved it, so I know that it must be a place to go.

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