My 10 Must-Have In-Flight Travel Essentials

Hey, hey, hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week so far! I know for me these past few weeks have been crazy, and I know I’m totally sounding like a broken record with that statement. But I have to say how excited I am that I have some, if I can say so, well-deserved travels coming up! First, we’re heading to Chicago, Palm Beach, Mexico, Rhode Island and Nantucket! So clearly there are going to be a lot of travel posts coming up. But first I have to pack my shit up! Packing for a ton of trips coming up can get crazy, so I always start with my in-flight needs. I’ve narrowed it all down to my 10 must-have in-flight travel essentials so I know that no matter what, my flight will have everything I need. Hopefully, this can be helpful for the rest of my wanderfolk reading this.

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The perfect bag to put it all in

Yes, this goes without saying. But let’s be real here. Sometimes you carry-on needs to be able to hold more than it probably should. Any time I fly somewhere, I really aim to pack everything in my carry-on and my personal item. I hate checking bags. So I make sure that my bags are able to hold everything I need. My carry-on that I stow away above me has enough pockets and zippers to help me organize everything, and my personal bag is perfect to take from work straight to the airport. I know it sounds chic, but don’t try to fly with your super cute, small bag that only fits your phones. Be practical when choosing your bag, especially for long flights. You don’t want to have to keep getting up every time you want to grab something else out of your bag.

A great read

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m obsessed with reading. I have enough blog posts about books to prove it. So obviously I recommend bringing a great book along for the journey. I really end up spending the majority of my flights reading because I don’t always have time to read at home! I’m either busy or too tired to pick up a book. I am working on it, but flying or traveling is a great excuse to crack open that novel you’ve been eyeing on your shelf ever since you ran into Barnes & Noble after your friend recommended it. Honestly, I really bring two books with me in case I get so hooked on the first one I end up finishing it before my trip is over!

Games, games, games

Sometimes I need a break from my break, so I turn to games! Now I’m not talking about games on my phone since so many of them require an internet connection. I mean crossword puzzles, sudoku and other books that can be found near the checkout at any convenience store in the airport. Honestly, these really save me sometimes when I want to just throw on my music and do something other than read.

Hand lotion

Alright I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but my hands always get SO DRY when I fly. No clue why, I’m sure there’s some explanation, but I’ve never decided to go full on Nancy Drew to find out the answer. So I always just have a little thing of hand lotion on me when I travel. Plus, it’s nice to have something smell good when there can be some not-so-nice scents coming from all directions.

Cashmere socks to keep warm

Along with dry hands I get cold feet. This pretty much happens in my daily life, but it 100% happens when I fly, especially on long flights. I like having a pair of socks with me, specifically my cashmere ones, because they keep my toes toasty for the duration of my travels. So bring on the A/C because I’m prepared.

Facial wipes

Now this one may sound strange but hear me out. Whenever I’m flying, I don’t know when it happens, but I get off the plane and I feel super disgusting. I don’t know why or how this occurs, but it happens. So, if you’re like me and don’t want to feel like you need to take about twenty showers, bring along some facial wipes. I like to have them a little scented to wake me up or calm me down. Honestly, wiping one of these babies on my face makes me feel like I can take on the world.

An extra set of headphones

So you know how on flights they usually supply you with headphones? Well, I don’t like to rely on them when it comes to this as I’ve had enough experiences that they either don’t work or don’t hand them out. So I like to bring an extra set. Why? Because planes are not ‘bluetooth-headphone’ friendly yet. I am one of those people who need the wireless or the Apple headphones that were made for this damn phone, so I always bring along my plugin headphones that can be used for every other thing on the planet.

A portable charger

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. A portable charger is a must if you’re either A) addicted to your phone, B) need to take pictures of every single moment of your plane ride, or C) you feel the need to keep locking and unlocking it over and over again. Even if you don’t fall under any of these categories (don’t lie, you know you do) a portable charger is definitely something to have during your flight. Even if you don’t use it the whole time, it’s good to have just when you’re traveling in general. Mine pretty much never leave my bag unless I need to charge it.

A giant bottle of water

Now I know that you can get water on your flight, but I’m the type of person who like to pretend they’re sleeping when the drinks service is coming around. I’m honestly trying to fall asleep! The other thing too is that I once read an article about airplane ice and it completely turned me off of getting drinks on the plane. I mean not every time but sometimes. That’s besides the point though! I always grab a bottle of water before my flight because I just like to. I also like to keep hydrated during my journey, which is apparently really important!

My handy, dandy notebook

Last, but certainly not least, is my notebook. I always have one on me, whether it’s mine for work, for my blog, or for my therapy. No matter what, I always have a notebook on me because I never know when I’m going to need to write something down. So many of my ideas have come while I’m traveling and I always freak out when I forget. So I suggest getting yourself a notebook to help you jot everything down.

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