The Picerne Family Takes on Tulum

Family. It’s a six-letter work that most people use, but how many of us actually enjoy the people that we use this word with? ‘Family’ means more to me as I’ve gotten older and have spent so many genuine and authentic moments with those I associate with the term. There’s that saying that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Well, I’d still choose these people over the rest, give them a kidney and make fun of them all if it meant that I could be a part of their lives and they could be a part of mine. This trip to Tulum was short and sweet, but it proved to me how much I always love spending time with my family. They’re a great group of people who I love unconditionally.


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Family photo time 🙂

Okay, enough of the sappy stuff and let’s move on to the three days I spent in Tulum with my crazy bunch. Now first of all, I’ve never really written about my family on here, so I’ll give you all a super quick, abridged version of the Picerne clan. My grandfather had six children, who all ended up having kids. There are 34(?) grandkids and six great-grandkids and more on the way! This family doesn’t stop growing and we like it that way. So imagine trying to maneuver all of these people around on one vacation. Even though it’s not always all of us (I don’t think a hotel would even want to accommodate all of us at once) we always travel in a large pack. This trip was around 30 people, and honestly, it’s not even that big of a dent into my entire family.

A view from the ruins in Tulum

So here’s the thing about this trip, it rained. It rained a lot. It rained pretty much the whole time. Yes that can really suck, but we don’t let that bring us down. There was enough checkers being played with chess pieces, inappropriate rounds of ‘What Do You Meme?’ being played, and plenty of cervezas to go around to make everyone have a good time. We even got to explore the ruins in some fun sideways rain! This was actually an awesome thing that we did. If you’re ever in Tulum you really should go.


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