Why I Took A Month Off From Blogging

Hello again dear friends. I know, it’s been a hot second, okay more like a minute, since I last wrote on here. Normally, I would say the 10,000 reasons as to why, but this time, it’s good for me to just expalin: August was a shitshow. So many changes occurred in such a short amount of time. Therapy has really helped with everything though, and I plan on talking more about it when I feel comfortable enough to write it all down.

month off

Luckily, I’ve come out the other side and am happy it’s a new month! That means I’m getting back to the basics with my absolute favorite posts about music and literature, and hopefully I’ll be able to add some other fun ones into the mix. Get ready for a lot of changes coming, too, as August has left a lot of my future up in the air. I know, sounds a little scary, but it’s actually pretty exciting! We’ll see where this takes me, and all of you obviously, in the next few months. Wow how a lot can change in a day, a week, a month, and a year. So please hang in there with me as I learn how to re-navigate through this crazy world we all live in. I swear things are about to get even better.

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