My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

One of my absolute favorite things to do during this time of year is to curl up on my couch after a super long day and watch a holiday movie. Now some of the movies can really suck, but some are considered classics for a reason. I thought it was finally time to put together some of my go-to flicks during the holidays. So here are my top five favorite Christmas movies.

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Four Christmases

Okay so it’s practically a given that this film ends up on my list. I have always been a fan of Reese Witherspoon, and with my recent move to San Francisco, it should come as no surprise that this comedy is here. Who can’t get over Vince Vaughn betting his ass handed to him by his brothers. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and go watch it. I can wait. Seriously it’s that good go watch it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Now I know what you’re thinking: Alex, you have this on your Halloween movie list. How can you possibly put it on this one too? Do you love it that much? My answer my dear reader is this. It’s my list and I love everything about this movie so it’s included! Come on, this is practically one of the only movies you can watch as many times as you want between Halloween and Christmas and still feel like you’re celebrating. Plus the songs are amazing.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

So I haven’t seen the new one, and let’s face it, Jim Carrey did a great job. But there’s no one quite like the original cartoon Grinch who made our hearts grow three sizes the day we watched it for the first time. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without watching the cartoon at some point, and it always brings back warm and fuzzy holiday memories. I’ll probably end up watching it a few times this year.

Christmas in Connecticut

This one probably seems pretty random and strange, but hear me out. I found this movie five years ago as I was getting ready to head out to Christmas dinner. I really wanted to watch an old Christmas movie and I stumbled across this one. Who would have known a little lie about having a husband, child, cooking skills and a house in Connecticut would wind up as a heartwarming love story that I still watch as I get ready every year.

A Christmas Story

You really can’t hide away from this movie during this time of year, especially on Christmas Eve. Plus if you’re around me then you know I quote this movie all year round. So obviously this had to end up on my list and I’m using it as the little red bow to tie this list together. Just remember, you’ll shoot your eye out kid.

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